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Hali’s Lingerie

Goddess Pheromone Collection

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 SAVE $10 by snagging the full kit !

We have formulated these products to create moments that leave a lingering thought of the user with just the right ingredients. Pheromones are known to attract, arouse and entice your partner all by the sense of smell. As always, paraben free, gluten free, and naturally formulated. 

Bubble and Body wash - an 8 oz gel wash that also doubles as a bubble bath! 

Body Butter - an 8 oz luxurious body Butter that moisturizes dry, cracked skin and leaves it baby soft.

Body oil - a 2 oz all over body oil that’s leaves you glowing and smelling like a goddess  

Body spray - a 4 oz Spray great for on the go or to leave your lingering pheromone smell on your clothing, linens and more !

Linen Spray - an 8oz spray bottle perfect for setting the mood.. perfect to spritz down the sheets and pillowcases or use as a room spray!

Notes: Sugar, lemon, caramel, raspberry and musk with a dose of pheromones