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Hali’s Lingerie

ON Hemp Infused Cooling Arousal Oil

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No matter what sexy shenanigans you and perhaps your partner have planned for the evening (any time of day, really), we're willing to bet that some (or a lot of) extra sensation probably wouldn't be unwelcome, right?

Perfect for sex with a partner, sex with yourself or sex with a toy, Sensuva's ON Hemp Vibrating & Cooling Female Arousal Oil helps intensify and maximize stimulation anywhere it's applied. Your or your partner's clitoris is an obvious target, but it can be dabbed onto nipples, heads of penises and other outer sweet spots, too. 

To use, shake well and apply one or two drops to your/their clit or other outer erogenous zones. Wait a few minutes for maximum effect, then play away. Increased sensation can last for up to 45 minutes, For external use only.