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Pink Cherry

The Monarch Couple's Vibe

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The Monarch butterfly's scientific name is danaus plexippus, which literally translates to 'sleepy transformation'. The Monarch Couple's Vibe doesn't have a scientific name that we know of, but if it did, the translation would be 'orgasms, orgasms, soooo many orgasms'. Transforming from a super silky, full coverage wearable stimulator to one that a partner can get in on (literally), this vibe is totally unique, super-powered, and positively packed with possibilities.

In silky creamsicle orange silicone, the Monarch's main stimulator comes curved into a shape that'll seek and find your or their inner and outer sweet spots at once. As a swollen penetrator delves deep, a big butterfly flutters and pulses over clitorises and other outer erogenous zones. The Monarch can be enjoyed completely hands-free, or you/they can rock the rounded base for a custom massage.

But that's not all, of course! The Monarch comes complete with another penetrator - a long, dreamily curvaceous shaft that can be attached to the top of the Monarch's butterfly stimulator, Once it's in place, the Monarch acts as a strapless strap on, of sorts, allowing you or they to penetrate a partner.

Three motors control ten vibrating functions per pleasure point - the butterfly tickler, the wearable shaft and the optional penetrator. Each motor operates independently, so you'll be able to perfectly curate your orgasm experience.

In 100% silicone, the Monarch is body safe, phthalate free and extra hygienic. Wash it well before and after enjoyment with lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If you'll be pairing a lube with this vibe, please use a favorite good quality water-based formula. Avoid contact with silicone lubes, and store your Monarch away from other silicone toys. USB rechargeable, cord included. Waterproof.