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Hali’s Lingerie

WetWet Organic Lubes *NEW FORMULA*

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Our lubes all use natural, organic ingredients for a slippery good time ;) 

Products are also antimicrobial and antifungal. PH balanced and safe for topical or internal use.


All Come in a 2 oz matte glass bottle with dropper for application  


OG WetWet - our basic lube that uses a combination of natural oils and aloe to not only eliminate friction but also soothe, moisturize and protect. Great during intercourse or after sex for relief on irritated skin.Infused with dried rose petals and rose quartz to help promote love, pleasure, and self care. 

FREEZE - our original wetwet + peppermint and strawberry for a cooling, tingling sensation and a burst of flavor ;) 


HEAT - our original wetwet plus a warming, throbbing effect and cinnamon flavor. 

EAT ME  - our original wetwet plus a burst of strawberry flavor. 

Sperminator - a combination that not only acts as a lube but also a natural spermicide!